Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Mmmmm ... publicity

Seems a comment AOL exec Jason Calacanis made to my wife/supermodel/digitalslobpod cohost/digitalslobpod spokesperson Olga Timakova at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo has caused many in the blogosphere to rise up to defend her honor ... I would have led that fight, of course, but we've been sleeping off the expo in a Vegas hotel, and I didn't want to pay for Net access until now b/c I wanted to save my resources for blackjack ... as it turns out, there was no point, however.

Apparently, as I've just learned, when I was working the other side of the expo hall in Ontario, Calif., last weekend, he told my wife "You're podcasting? Let me give you some good advice, no one wants to hear you talk." Olga didn't tell me about it, but that was no surprise ... she usually spares me from looking at the vast, cavernous inventory of comments she gets from men because it's been known to give me vertigo.

Seems Valleywag has a poll up
, asking who you'd rather listen to talk ... Jason or Olga ... right now, Olga's ahead w/ 93 percent of the vote ... I think the campaign poster helps.

Webpronews.com reporter Jason Lee Miller also bravely refuted Calacanis' claims in a story he posted today about us ... maintaining that Olga has a wonderful speaking voice, especially when near a Marriot hotel pool party, although he did, technically, also call her a liar.

Chris Heuer
, the expo attendee and blogger who took the photo above, said in his estimation Jason wasn't being sexist, but simply commenting on the quality of Olga's voice ... as for Olga? Her direct quote ... "Listen to digitalslobpod, and judge for yourself."

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