Saturday, October 07, 2006

Dvorak surprised Hawaii has computers

After a long day of conk blowing and virgin sacrificing up on the volcano, I came across this post from noted tech columnist John C. Dvorak after he heard I'd compared him in a column to Stattler, the famous Muppet curmudgeon who heckled acts from the balcony with his partner-in-crime Waldorf:

"This takes the cake for off-handed compliment/insults. Curt 'Digital Slob' Brandao writing in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin says I look like the Muppet Show character Stattler. I was shocked when I read this. I had no idea they used computers in Hawaii."

A nice little jab back from Dvorak, since whatever admiration I have for him -- considerable, he knows more tech stuff than I do and can bore normal people at 10 times my top speed -- was probably deeply cloaked in my apt comparison -- but come on, you don't have to go after the entire Aloha State ;-). We've got quite a tech industry here, actually.

Truth is, I am a Dvorak fan. Here's the link to what I had to say about his "Cranky Geeks" video podcast. It's generally positive, I think, though, admittedly, something gets lost when it's translated from its original hula.

Yes, John, Hawaii has computers -- it's amazing what you can make out of coconuts.

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