Thursday, March 06, 2008


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on today's show, science has discovered the first-six-tentacled octopus ... will we need latin to give it a name ... and might that name inspire another James Bond movie?

Plus, the dems are deadlocked in a heated fight between Barack and Hillary that's sure go all the way to the convention. Time to bring out the big guns? Hillary's got Bill, but but Barak's got grandma ... I know where I'm putting my money. Also, the Boston Herald's got has listed the many impediments to a obama-clinton/clinton-obama ticket.

Then, if you've got a verizon wireless account, then the feds are likely spying on you, too, in the name of anti-terrorism. Can you hear my fourth amendment rights in their death throes now?

Finally , if you're a rebellious teen with a broadband connection, should you be able to rant on your blog about your high school administrators? A connecticut lawyer says "I'm paid a lot of money by the burlington school district to say NO"

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