Wednesday, March 05, 2008


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Aloha, it's just barely March 5th, and welcome to episode 4 of on today's show, Moses on the mountain: "thou shall not covet thy neighbor's female servant?" what was HE smokin?

Plus, in the wee hours when it's just you, your computer, and perhaps some coltrane, how'd you like to feel what your looking at online? Ooooh, that etrade account is sooooo soooooft.

Then, Imagine a vat of liquid cow manure covering the area of five football fields and 33 feet deep. No, it's not the editorial department of Fox News, it's a new California iniative to convert manure into fuel.

Plus, Texas and Ohio have spoken, and it looks like Hillary Clinton is the political equivalent of Glenn Close in the bathtub in "fatal attraction." I didn't really rip that comparison off from the huffington post, but I noticed after googling for "fatal attraction" that it it was there ... hat tip to the huff.

Plus, how good is your anti-shark device? Well, the makers of the shark shield are going to have to wait until a 12-foot great white craps it out after eating it whole before you can compare notes.

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