Sunday, July 16, 2006


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Happy Birthday Digitalslobpod!!!!


Segment One: "Web 2.0" puts us all on the auction block.

Segment Two: Thank you (no, thank you). No, thank YOU (no, no, thank YOU). You're embarassing me now, THANK YOU! (n-n-n-n-n-no, THAAAAANK YOU!) Listen, THANK YOU!!!!!! (please, please, please, thank you, really). OK, that's it, you wanna take this outside?

Sign off:

digitalslobpod alpha (July 15, 2005) — Take the Digital Slob Quiz. Here's a link to a flash Tetris game to play so you don't fall asleep listening to this.

I hung a shingle out in Second Life ... if you're avatar-enabled, teleport to my Digital Slob Memorial by clicking on the link here or at

Also, digitalslobpod is now a proud member of the Aloha Podcast Network, Fresh Media Works and blubrry.

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