Saturday, July 08, 2006


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Segment One: Breaking news from the DigitalSlobPod Mostly True News (DSPMTN) newsdesk:
* How will the Rocketboom implosion affect global warming?
* How many millions of dollars in Venture Capital does it take for Podshow to get an html proofreader?
* Is the space shuttle auditioning for Simon Cowell?

Segment Two: Time traveling to the 2018 Consumer Electronics show:
* FingerRibbon 2.0
* Clone Army Credit Counseling
* RespectMySpace

Podsafe Music from the motherland: ozonoviy sloy, "Russian Morning After Party."

Segment Three: Podzinger Minute
The View, irritable bowel syndrome, Star Jones, gastric bypass, Michael Jackson, Family Guy, Karl Rove, Ask a Ninja, SWIFT, David Beckham, Al Roker, Rosie O'Donnel, France, hybrid, World Cup, Britney Spears, Portugal, Superman, Podshow Plus, premature ejaculation, Pirates of the Caribbean, Rocketboom, Rocketbubble, feathered hair, flag burning, Nicole Kidman, SNL, Brandon Routh, blueberry, Davey Jones Locker, metrosexual, Colbert Report.

Sign off:

Russian lyric translations courtesy of Olga ;-)

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