Thursday, April 06, 2006




Sorry for the delay ... Curt has the flu, so his wife Olga sits in for him, editing highlights from his appearance last week on Cotolo Chronicles. So Olga hosts, instead of Curt, on a highlight show where Curt is the guest, not the host, on Cotolo's Hallelujah Trail ... hence, role-reversal week.

Olga: "Americans do everything to do nothing."
Mixed marriages: Sometimes the easiest thing to do is not so easy.
If Curt tried to move to Russia, within 72 hours, he would be dead. Not a dishwasher, not mopping floors. He'd be dead, and someone would have stolen his shoes.

Where does Curt get his ideas? Charlie Brown.
Why become a writer: It had the best praise-to-work ratio.

Live podcasts vs. edited podcasts. Frank's is free-form, Curt is a control freak ... each has it virtues (but some podcasts are more virtuous than others).

Why "Digital Slob"? Mixing the clean world of external expectations with the messy world of internal contentment.

Using tech to amplify who you are, rather than tech using you to absorb who you are.

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