Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bloom-in media

Ron Bloom of Podshow predicts that in five years, 50 percent of all media consumed will be produced by consumers ... The Age of Mr. Microphone is finally upon us.

I predict the other 50 percent of media consumed will be produced by nanobots that are constantly regenerating Oprah’s cellular structure.

Regardless, his point (directed at advertisers) seems to be that corporations need to enlist the support of hundreds or thousands of tiny worker ants to viral-market their message in renegade, off-the-cuff, uncontrollable ways, podcasts presumably being among those ways. Hip, cool hipsters passing out virtual fliers in virtual airports wearing virtual togas.

Fascinating point from someone who has both the gift of foresight and the gift of venture capital. That said, I look forward to seeing how the ad messages will filter through the podcasting community. Will 50 percent of all the top 100 podcasts suddenly work Diet Pepsi, somehow, into their format one week? That could come across a bit creepy. Bodysnatcher-esque ... bringing perhaps too much old meaning to the term "Pod People."

I'm sure I missing the point. I usually think clearer after I've had some DIET PESPI!!!! OH NO!! AAAAAAUUUGHHHHHH!

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