Monday, June 19, 2006


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Segment One: It's a GPS-enabled World, After All. Hopefully, these new tech tools will increase our successes, b/c the privacy they take away will make it much harder to cover up our failures.
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Podzinger minute: Jessica Alba, Net Neutrality, Vista, breast augmentation, bittorrent, Tom Cruise, Spyware, Katie Holmes, The Apprentice, Bradd Pitt, Digg, Angelina Jolie, Red Bull, Namibia, lasik, Belly Shirts, Shiloh, YouTube, Suri, Pokemon, Tomkat, Brangelina, BraTomKatElina, Web 2.0, Britney Spears, Deparment of Child Welfare, Paris Hilton, Department of Motor Vehicles, Pixar, Eva Longoria, Cars, Dallas Mavericks, Evolution of Dance, Lindsey Lohann — MacBook Pro — , three-armed baby, Jessica Simpson — Hillary Duff, Shakira, Diet Coke and Mentos

Podsafe music: Beth Thornley, "Done."

Segment Two: Two different kinds of forgetting — convenient and actual.'s Card Beeper's Child Minder
The Lady Bag

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